Hi, I’m Venky! a designer with an edge of digital product design, UI/UX, and interaction design.


A little bit about me ——‍

I’m currently a Staff Product designer at ServiceNow. My past experiences include working as an Experience Designer at Microsoft as a UX Designer at Pinion Services, and as a Visual Designer at IMS Health, and as a Web Designer at Q3 Solutions and Encore India.

I believe in the power of design in technology, helping create a smooth interaction and delightful experience between human and products, pragmatically solving complex problems with tactical solutions, and bringing a conceptual idea to reality. I enjoy the process and the sense of achievement of contribution to the course of humanity it gives me. It makes me feel alive.

I can work in fast-paced environments and deliver quality design outcomes that are rooted in user needs and pain points. I have led the end-to-end design process of major product areas at ServiceNow (Legal Service Delivery), My approach to design involves deep collaboration with stakeholders, frequent feedback loops, releasing an MVP while iterating quickly towards the Northstar.

I have experience working in small design studios, advertising agencies, startups, and big tech companies, so I can easily adapt to different and fast-growing environments. I have experience designing SaaS, B2B, B2C, and B2G products, and also I am a design culture and design ethics advocate.

Get in touch! I would love to chat about work, projects, design, or anything:)


Work Experience

Sep 2018 – Present

Mar 2016 – Sep 2016

Jun 2014 – Mar 2016

Sep 2013 – Jun 2014

Dec 2011 – Aug 2013

Mar 2011 – Nov 2011